Incense Mixture New Beginning 2020

Incense Mixture New Beginning 2020

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Imparts strength and opens up for new things!


Incense mixture with:

  • Rose petals
  • Verbena
  • Musk herb
  • Myrrh
  • Licorice root
  • Sandalwood white
  • Sandalwood red
  • Dragon blood
  • Patchouli

40ml jar with cork closure.

A description of the ritual and content is attached to the order

Color: white (clear glass) / height 42.5 mm / diameter 54.5 mm


The ritual

Use the time until the coal has fully glowed to write two pieces of paper:

Write everything you want to let go on the piece of paper: old energies with which you have nothing to do (anymore), worries, burdens, problems etc. - describe and formulate as concretely as possible. This is a time when you can say what is bothering you and what you want to let go! This piece of paper is taken when cleaning and then burned - the worries "vanish into thin air".

Rose petals

The rose has always been the most praised plant for its beauty, shape, color and fragrance. The fact that the rose is the flower of love remains undisputed. It is used in incenses to create a loving atmosphere. It has a relaxing, mood-enhancing, aphrodisiac effect and helps to increase sensitivity. It is also a nice ingredient against jealousy and envy. Sometimes it is also smoked for headaches. The rose stands for happiness in the home, love, passion and seduction, but with its thorns also for pain and sadness, for the beginning and the end.


The Celts ascribed a mystical effect to the real verbena. Smoking verbena strengthens the nerves and encourages the courage to create or start something new. Incense with verbena gives us protection from negative things, it was one of the sacred plants of the druids. Verbena stands for divine inspiration, for the future and is poison for the devil to protect the house.

Musk herb

The musk herb and the musk flowers have been used for smoking since the time of the Teutons. They give off a scent of musk and are traditionally also used for a love spell. The plant is dedicated to the goddess of love Frija.

It contains numerous essential oils which noticeably enrich the scent when smoking. It also contains many flavonoids. The incense with musk herb should release the sensuality and also weaken inner, spiritual or emotional blockages. The overall effect is stimulating and erotic.


Besides frankincense, myrrh was the most important incense in ancient times. In the western world, the extraordinary incense resin is best known as one of the 3 gifts of the three wise men from the Orient (three wise men) to the Christ child. It has a disinfecting, cleansing and clarifying effect. Myrrh is also said to have a life-prolonging effect. It dissipates worries and soothes feelings.

Licorice root

Licorice root gives off a very mild, light and sweet scent when smoked. The grade is unique and easily recognizable. Smoking with liquorice root is mainly used for cleaning, in the case of depression, melancholy or sad mood, tired or exhausted states or a lack of drive. Licorice root has a stimulating, cleansing, clarifying and mood-improving effect. It can improve negative energy flows and promote dreams. The aura should be cleared. Balance, warmth and character are in the foreground. The licorice root stimulates our senses and soothes our mind. Harmonizing, power plant, creates a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Sandalwood white

The beneficial smell has been celebrated in India for over 3000 years. At that time, legend said that the smoke of sandalwood drives away evil demons and creates symbols of God. The smoke is still used there today for such rituals. The unique fragrance is said to have a stimulating and calming effect on body, mind and soul. In addition, the smell of sandalwood should help in dealing with negative emotions such as anger, tension and nervousness. The pleasant smoke ensures relaxation and exuberance for us, which is why sandalwood is also known as a balm for the soul. Recharge your batteries and let worries, fears and pain disappear with the stimulating scent. Incense takes us mentally into another world and frees us from all the negative influences.

Sandalwood red

This species is also native to India and Burma. It is also mentioned in the Bible. The wood was not only used as a fragrance, but also for building the temple and for making harps and lyres. The smell of smoky red sandalwood is a bit woodier and tart than that of its white counterpart. Smoked red sandalwood refines our spiritual energy, stimulates our creative powers and strengthens the imagination. Incense gently removes worries and burdens. It is healing for the soul and awakens spiritual energies.

Dragon blood

To smoke with dragon blood is absolutely the most powerful cleansing. Dragon blood has always been associated with blood and fire. The mysterious rattan resin is able to neutralize very negative energies and is therefore often used in protective and cleansing fumes. This resin is used especially for expulsions and in action against "evil" spirits and demons. Dragon blood can also be very helpful in rituals to ward off negative forces and curses. In general, it gives smoking mixtures more power, effectiveness and intensity and thus supports the properties of the ingredients.


In India, patchouli has been used as an incense for a very long time. It is also used in Buddhist cult activities. Patchouli used to be burned as incense in the rituals of Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. When burned, the dried herb gives off an intense, woody and heavy earthy-warm scent. Patchouli smoke has a balancing and relaxing, but at the same time also an invigorating and creative effect on the human mind. It should also be good against fear and negative energies as well as have aphrodisiac properties.


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