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The Botswana Agate provides protection and has a positive effect on the skin.

Healing stone: Botswana Agate (Bracelet Ø10 mm & Ø8 mm, Necklace Ø8 mm & Ø6,5 mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)

Bracelet: on elastic band

Necklace: Length 90 cm knotted

Color of the Botswana Agate: Different colors, mostly intensely striped. Mostly light gray, gray to brownish.

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In my latest collection the healing stone Botswana Agate is used! This special stone enhances mood and helps us to realize our intentions. He is also a protective companion who gives confidence, vitality and safety as well as steadfastness.

In particular, the Botswana agate acts as a generally physically activating stone. It has a positive effect on many influenza infections and lowers fever. He should give positive support in the fight against inflammatory eye diseases and also generally have a positive effect on disorders of vision. Especially recommended is the gemstone water to support the lungs and glands, but also in diseases caused by environmental toxins.

Healing effect on the psyche:

  • Supports the willpower
  • Relieves depression
  • Acts against fears and inner unrest
  • Power optimistic
  • Gives zest for life and feelings of pleasure
  • Acts mood-enhancing
  • Gives life force
  • Gives drive and confidence
  • Provides a sense of security and security
  • Supports your own steadfastness and stability
  • Helps with mental imbalances
  • Sheltering companion
  • Helps implement intentions
  • Smoking cessation - If you take the stone instead of the cigarette in your hand, then it should be possible within a short time to overcome the nicotine addiction

Healing effect on the body:

  • Actively activates the body
  • Helps with flu-like infections and reduces fever
  • positive support for inflammatory eye diseases
  • strengthens the eyesight
  • good for lungs and glands
  • derives environmental toxins
  • Helper in case of hair loss
  • helps with rashes
  • Protector of the pregnant women

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