Wish Fulfillment Bracelet
Wish Fulfillment Bracelet

Wish Fulfillment Bracelet

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Each stone is included three times on the bracelet:

  • citrine 
  • rock crystal
  • moonstone
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Amethyst

Healing stones Ø12 mm and stainless steel beads Ø12 mm; Bracelet length: 19 cm (we are happy to change this on request)


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  • https://img.youtube.com/vi/ediMMymoDU8/0.jpg

The number 3 is a magic number for wish fulfillment. Even the good fairy always grants three wishes. Therefore, each stone is included three times on the bracelet.

Desire Fulfillment of Wealth:

  • Citrine promotes positive finances. Rock crystal dissolves energy blockages and strengthens happiness energies; promotes all positive possibilities and happiness.

Wish Fulfillment of Love:

  • Moonstone promotes the emotional and love energies. Rock crystal draws the soulmate into life and strengthens the bond with the partner.

Manifestation of Desires:

  • Amethyst turns negative thinking into optimism.

Reinforcement of wish fulfillment:

  • Smoky quartz brings joie de vivre, strength and courage, cleanses the aura and serves as a barrier against negative energies.

precious metal and words:

  • The words "wealth", "love" and "wish fulfillment" are engraved in the stainless steel beads. According to Dr. Masaru Emoto the water balance and bring us into their vibration.

The energy spiral is charged with long-distance energy on every full moon night upon wish fulfillment.

Each wish-granting bracelet comes with instructions for a wish-granting ritual!


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