Ascension Bracelet
Ascension Bracelet

Ascension Bracelet

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  • Healing stone: Trolleite (bracelet Ø 10mm, 8mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel bead with energy spiral (Ø11mm)
  • Bracelet: on elastic band (bracelet length = 19.5cm - we are happy to change this on request)
  • Trolleite Colour: From light turquoise to a beautiful, dark midnight blue - the blue nuances of Trolleite are very diverse.
  • Weight: 28 g (without packaging)



Trolleite is considered the "stone of awakening" and is an unusually strong vibrating ascension stone that supports your deep cellular memories from previous existences.It is a very powerful manifestation stone and particularly useful for realizing your dreams. It has a very calming effect on body, mind and soul to connect you with your higher consciousness and spirituality.

Psychic effect:

  • Promotes access to your inner wisdom
  • frees you from negative feelings, anger, fear and frustration
  • strengthens sensitivity and intuition 
  • supports mental & emotional concentration
  • promotes independence and personal responsibility 
  • helps you to set goals and achieve them
  • helps to solve problems with a clear mind 
  • provides a large portion of courage
  • supports the memory of your dreams 
  • facilitates meditation 
  • encourages you to let go of old habits
  • relieves stress and shows you the plan of your soul

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