Balance Bracelet delicate
Balance Bracelet delicate
Balance Bracelet delicate
Balance Bracelet delicate

Balance Bracelet delicate

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The balance bracelet brings body, mind and soul into harmony!

  • Healing stones Ø 6 mm: rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite, chalcedony, blue & green amazonite, light & dark aventurine, prehnite, citrine, light & dark carnelian, moonstone, labradorite plus
  • + silver-plated stainless steel pearl with energy spiral
  • Length of bracelet = 19cm (we will be happy to change this on request)



Balance Bracelet

This bracelet is an incredible companion for your everyday life. The glowing gemstones that adorn the bracelet aren't just decorative. Each individual stone (approx. Ø 6 mm) can influence your soul and is assigned to one of the seven chakras of the body. Through distant Reiki energy, the energy of the stones is amplified every full moon night.

Strengthening of the soul

Every gemstone hides healing powers that it has developed in the depths of the earth. It is said that the soul influences health and this bracelet is designed to help you find new spiritual strength. After all, it is said that a person's soul and chakras must be balanced in order to be healthy.

Chakras - energy centers of life

The energy centers of life have a long history. They unite in seven main chakras. Indications of energy channels in the body can already be found among the Mayas, but chakra teaching can look back on a long tradition, especially in India and China. Each of the healing stones affects specific chakras. The rock crystal is assigned to the crown chakra, the aventurine belongs to the heart chakra and the moonstone is assigned to the sacral chakra. In this way, the chakras can be reconciled and more energy can flow through our body.

Release and liberate

But not only in the healing stone theory has it been known for a long time that the healing stones can have a positive effect on problems in our soul. The glowing carnelian stands for opening our hearts to more joie de vivre and giving us more courage. The green amazonite should help us to keep calm and foresight in everyday life. And the chalcedony is said to help boost self-confidence and free us from inhibitions. 16 different healing stones are combined in this radiant bracelet and help us to face each new day with energy and strength.

1. Clear Quartz

crown chakra

- radiating EFFECT (he transforms earth rays and water veins into positive energies)

- releases energy blockages

- Mood enhancer and energizer

2. Rose Quartz

 heart chakra

- the radiating effect of electrosmog

- Relieves heartache and lovesickness

- Protects the soul from injury

3. Amethyst

brow chakra

- neutralizes negative energies

- purifying effect on thoughts and feelings

- calming effect on nerves and heart

4. Amethyst Quartz

brow chakra

- inspires intuition

- strengthens one's own stability

- protects against sleep disturbances

5. Sodalite

 Throat & Forehead Chakra

- opens the third eye

- Blockade dissolver

- provides emotional balance

6. Chalcedony

Throat Chakra

- boosts self-confidence

- releases inhibitions and stage fright

- increases assertiveness

7. Blue Amazonite

heart chakra

- activates creative properties

- strengthens tolerance and patience

- increases vitality and vitality

8. Green Amazonite

heart chakra

- Peace and vision in everyday life

- Get rid of avarice and selfishness

- Calms the nervous system

9. Light Amazonite

heart chakra

- promotes self-determination

- relieves fears and psychosomatic disorders

- promotes optimism and ambition

10. Aventurine

heart chakra

- gives humor and cheerfulness

- Strength for a positive attitude towards life

- Detects deep-seated blockages

11. Prehnite

Solar Plexus Chakra

- Clarification of our soul

- activates the self-healing powers

- promotes the ability to relax

12. Citrine

Solar Plexus Chakra

- opens heart and soul for new things

- strengthens the power of expression

- helps to get rich

13. Light Carnelian

Root & Sacral Chakra

- promotes vitality and senses

- Strengthens one's own needs

- stimulating effect in love life

14. Dark Carnelian

Root & Sacral Chakra

- Gives courage and perseverance

- strengthens the zest for life

- helps to a realistic worldview

15. Moonstone

Sacral Chakra

- promotes light-heartedness

- strengthens the emotional sensations

- stimulates the love of life

16. Labradorite

root chakra

- protects the aura from energy loss

- helps with meditation

- helps to achieve subtle harmony


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