FOREVER YOUNG impulse Bracelet

FOREVER YOUNG impulse Bracelet

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  • The impulse pendant was charged with selected frequencies by naturopath Albert Ruch.
  • Healing stone onyx with sterling silver plates + frequencies for energetic rejuvenation
  • Version in S (17.5 cm) or M (19.0 cm) + 1.5 cm extension chain each
  • S
  • M


Impulse bracelet FOREVER YOUNG with frequencies to rejuvenate our cells.

Stay young forever, optimize yourself and your body: many people dream of it. Science is decoding the mechanisms of aging with increasing precision – and with it the possibilities of significantly extending life.

With the help of the right frequencies of endogenous substances (such as hyaluronic acid), which are burned onto the bracelets by the naturopath Albert Ruch, we can come a little closer to this dream with the help of jewelry for the first time. The frequencies in this impulse bracelet will make you feel better in your body (you are as old as you feel) and also visually turn back time a little from the inside.

Forever Young - bracelet with unique effect components:

  • Healing stone onyx - is considered a "stone of rejuvenation", it is also said to strengthen character and strengthen harmony and contentment with oneself.
  • Frequencies - the entire bracelet is charged with frequencies by naturopath Albert Ruch to rejuvenate the cells.
  • Energy of words - according to the principle of Masaru Emoto (water crystal photography), the words "Forever Young" are embossed on the inside of the silver plate.
  • Energy Spiral - charged with Distant Reiki Energy Transmission every full moon night.

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