Focus Energy Necklace
Focus Energy Necklace

Focus Energy Necklace

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The tiger's eye refines the senses and gives distance when things are unclear. He thereby sharpens the view for the essentials.

  • Healing stone: Tiger's eye (chain Ø 10.5 mm + Ø 8 mm + Ø 6.5 mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Necklace: length approx. 86 cm
  • Color tiger eye: strong brown, yellow and gold tones, also reddish color
  • Weight: 80 g (incl. box)



The tiger eye healing stone gives courage, protection and security. It refines the senses and gives distance in the event of ambiguities, thereby keeping the overview and helping in making important decisions. It protects against influences such as stress, strain, doubt or changing moods through more balance.

Mental effect:

  • promotes balance
  • protects against stress, strain, doubt
  • mitigates changing moods
  • increases concentration
  • activates the ability to think during exams
  • helps with anxiety or depression
  • gives more security
  • maintains a down-to-earth attitude
  • supports a natural distrust in dealing with financial matters
  • gives more family warmth, security and balance
  • especially in children it increases receptivity, attention and willingness to learn

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