Fortuna Silver Necklace

Fortuna Silver Necklace

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The pink Andean opal can reduce shyness or inhibitions and makes you more friendly and open-minded.

Healing stone: Pink Andean Opal (Ø10 mm) + silver necklace (925) + silver element with energy spiral and the word "Fortuna"

Necklace: about 80 cm lenght


Fortuna Silver Necklace

The pink Andean opal or pink opal - the stone of true love

He was already considered by the Incas as a saintly stone, who saw in him an eye of the gods, left by them on the earth, to remind people to live in harmony and concord. .

Even today, the Andean Opal in Peru is worshiped as a healing and protective stone.

Mentally he acts by pure viewing and physically by placing on the affected body parts. Worn as a necklace, the Andenopal is particularly effective in the heart area.

Silver has a particularly good effect on the root chakra, throat chakra, crown chakra and the sacral chakra. Silver works especially well when in contact with healing stones. Because it strengthens the power of stones! Silver should be worn on the body for a long time, so that the effect on the mind can unfold.

Physical effect of silver:

  • positively affects the stomach and the skin
  • works on wounds antibacterial and disinfecting (burns & abrasions.)
  • has anti-inflammatory effects
  • in diseases of the sensory organs (eyes, nose and ears)
  • has a cooling and stabilizing effect
  • regulates fluid balance and hormone production
  • Preserved by hyperacidity and overweight
  • stabilizes the circulation

Spiritual effect of silver:

  • agonizing thoughts positively counteract
  • helps with nervousness and tension as stage fright
  • inspires the imagination
  • promotes inner peace and makes you balanced
  • supports the sense of time
  • releases inhibitions
  • strengthens the self-confidence
  • brings flexibility to action and thinking

Psychic effect of Andean Opal:

  • can solve thought blocks
  • strengthens memory and memory
  • reduces shyness and inhibitions
  • makes you friendly and open-minded
  • strengthens the affection for other people
  • promotes real love
  • dispels depressive moods and fears
  • gives spontaneity
  • strengthens the desire for eroticism and sexuality
  • works for problematic matters of the heart
  • gives enjoyment of life, gentleness and insight
  • helps to recognize wrong love
  • supports positive thinking and feeling
  • helps with various emotional hardenings
  • tolerance increases missing heart warmth

Physical effect of Andean Opal:

  • good heart stone
  • works to support the digestive system
  • stimulates the glands of the gastric mucosa
  • relieves discomfort in this organ area
  • sets the metabolism in motion
  • acts to prevent anemia
  • works on hepatitis or alcohol-damaged liver
  • Causes inflammation of the liver to subside
  • faster healing of wounds and scars
  • improves the overall control processes in the body
  • supports the pancreas
  • promotes metabolic processes
  • balancing effect on the pineal gland

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