Larimar long Necklace

Larimar long Necklace

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The Larimar has a positive effect on body and soul and is said to have a mysterious "protective effect".

  • Healing stone: Larimar (Necklace Ø10, 8, 6mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø10 mm)
  • Necklace length: approx. 86cm 
  • Color Larimar: blue, light blue, turquoise blue, white
  • Weight: 52g (without packaging)



The Larimar is also called the Atlantis Stone

= Calcium-Copper-Magnesium-Silicate / exclusively in the Dominican Republic

Larimar effect is transferred to those people who have an open soul window and a warming heart.

Various tests have shown that the "Atlantis Stone" has a positive effect on body and soul and is said to have a mysterious "protective effect".

Demands: cleansing positive energies

Delivered: tries to keep falseness and unfaithfulness away from us

- He stands for the pure, the genuine and the true.

Each contact with the laminar healing stone is a valuable experience of harmony

Do you love dream trips?

Then place a laminar stone under your pillow or wear the healing stone very close to your body. Before you go to bed, open the bedroom window and soon find yourself in a comfortable sleeping position.

  • Good dreams are guaranteed
  • Creates a connection between the present and the past
  • With its help, you can slide into times long past, relive happy moments and find a lot of peace.

Healing effects on the psyche

  •  promotes spiritual growth
  •  keeps evil spirits away at night
  •  Dissolves limiting thought patterns
  •  strong protection stone
  •  enables new perspectives
  •  promotes emotional recovery
  •  broadens the intellectual horizon
  •  promotes loving and positive energies
  •  keeps negative energies away
  •  relieves depressive thinking
  •  relieved of all negative emotions
  •  supports self
  •  love and self-esteem
  •  helps in self-realization
  •  to trust life
  •  helps to get new inspirations
  •  promotes harmony and mindfulness
  •  gives courage and confidence
  •  Gives inner calm and peace
  •  helps to indescribably great joie de vivre
  •  makes patient and gives confidence
  •  reduces inner fears
  •  gives us happiness
  •  supports the formation of one's own opinion
  •  helps to work on the past
  •  protects against false friends and infidelity
  •  reminds us of our freedom
  •  to entrust our vibrations to the universe

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