Light Long Necklace

Light Long Necklace

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The snowflake obsidian makes life easier and helps on all levels, releasing old injuries and traumas.

  • Healing stone: snowflake obsidian (necklace Ø10, 8, 6mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel bead with energy spiral (Ø10 mm)
  • Necklace length: approx. 86cm
  • Color snowflake obsidian: black with white, snowflake-like inclusions
  • Weight: 62g (without packaging)



The snowflake obsidian strengthens the character and brings unused strengths to light. In addition, it allows you to face the facts better, helps to learn from your own mistakes and improves intuition and spontaneity. In addition, this healing stone is a good helper for fears and blockages and protects against negative influences.

Healing effects on the psyche:

  • gives light and lightness
  • improves perception
  • stabilizes the grounding energy
  • promotes zest for life
  • strong protective stone, even from black magic
  • lets us face problems more calmly
  • Dissolves old beliefs and behavior patterns
  • unlocks forgotten talents
  • improves prosperity energy
  • promotes clairvoyance
  • releases mental shocks, fear and traumatisation
  • reduces fears about the future
  • promotes analytical skills
  • helps break bad luck

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