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Both stones have a positive energetic effect on the body and soul.

  • Healing stones: Garnet and Botswana agate (necklace Ø 10 mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Chain length 85 cm
  • Color garnet: from red to brown or black
  • Color Botswana agate: from red to black, multicolored


Botswana agate

  • is a cheerful stone, arouses optimism and joie de vivre
  • dissolves fears and inner unrest
  • supports the willpower, e.g. to be able to stop addictions (smoking).
  • regenerates the soul and skin (mirror of the soul)
  • conveys protection, security and security
  • symbolizes luck and wealth
  • promotes joy, trust, optimism
  • Healing stone beads Ø approx. 10 mm


  • supports with crises, depression, hopelessness, inner resistance
  • helps to release energy blockages and stuck habits
  • promotes perseverance, assertiveness, courage, self-conquest
  • supports your own creativity, decision-making, consistency,
  • promotes the setting of priorities for self-discovery, clarity.
  • Healing stone beads Ø approx. 10 mm

Silver pearl (stainless steel) with an energy spiral and the energy of words

  • The symbol of the energy spiral increases the focus. By charging with remote Reiki energy on the symbol of the energy spiral, the energy of the stones is intensified on every night of the full moon.
  • According to Dr. Masaru Emoto the water balance. Thus the word vitality brings us into this energetic vibration


  • Both stones have an energetic effect on the body and soul.
  • Our cells begin to regenerate and rejuvenate themselves energetically from within, which is reflected in our radiance.

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