Feng-Shui lucky coin silver plated

Feng-Shui lucky coin silver plated

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  • Coin in bronze 200-fold silvered
  • hand polished,
  • Ø approx. 35 mm
  • with fabric ribbon


Lucky coin in silver plated

In Feng Shui, the circle with a hole in the middle symbolizes positive fulfillment and metal stands for positive money matters. - Combining both means, of course, that it positively influences your own cash flow. - So that the money can flow to you.

In the Chinese Empire, the round coins had a hole in the middle, because that showed good Feng Shui characteristics. In addition, this form was convenient because the coins could be threaded and worn around the neck.

The chi of the metal additionally favors all places where objects made of metal are traded. Since coins are made of metal, it favors them to preserve and multiply.

QUI means - energy fields and streams of energy that flow through the universe, connecting matter and all living things. Free-flowing CHI is the prerequisite for well-being, happiness, wealth and success. The back is polished to a high gloss and looks like a mirror.

In Feng Shui, the very smooth surface of the mirror stands for accelerating energy flows and also redirecting them through their reflection, which can be used to neutralize secret arrows.

At night you should wear the shiny side outside or put on the nightstand next to you, as the reflection protects against secret attacks from the outside.


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