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Gabriele Iazzetta GmbH
Rankgasse 4/1
1160 Wien, Österreich

Chief executive: Gabriele Iazzetta-Artner

Tel.: +43 1 9232168


VAT-Number: ATU76328145 
Corporate register number:  FN 545281 i 
Corporate register court:  Handelsgericht Wien

Object of the company: Jewelry design & jewelry trade

Member of: Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Sparte Handel 
Supervisory/Trade authority: Magistratisches Bezirksamt Wien

Job title: Jewelry designer

Laws re. professions: Gewerbeordnung:

Awarding country: Austria

Ownership structure: Shareholders Gabriele Iazzetta-Artner 75%, Christoph Doblhammer 25%

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