Transformation Circle Bracelet Silver/Gold
Transformation Circle Bracelet Silver/Gold

Transformation Circle Bracelet Silver/Gold

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“Radiant from the power of your center”

  • Sterling silver bracelet + with ring clasp in silver or gold plated
  • Healing Stone: Amethyst
  • Stone Size: 3.5mm
  • Diameter (ring): 18 mm
  • Bracelet length 17.5 cm + 5 cm extension
  • Weight: 1 gram
  • Silber
  • Gold



The circle - has neither a beginning nor an end point and is a symbol of infinity, harmony, security and security.

The dot with a circle - stands as a symbol for the divine and for the power of the soul. It is also considered a powerful reinforcement sign, allowing positive energies to be amplified in all directions.

The amethyst - cleans body and soul and gives inner peace.

Amethyst / Psychic Effect:

  • averts danger
  • “Protection” from negative influences
  • removes energy blockages
  • turns bad thoughts into positive ones
  • protects against negative seduction
  • strengthens concentration
  • is excellent for meditation
  • works against inner restlessness, nervousness, stress, hectic
  • makes courageous and strong-willed
  • promotes intuition
  • free from mental stress and anxiety
  • makes you calmer and more relaxed
  • strengthens perception
  • relieves anger and aggression
  • promotes confidence in ourselves
  • brings balance

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