Light Energy Bracelet SILVER/GOLD
Light Energy Bracelet SILVER/GOLD

Light Energy Bracelet SILVER/GOLD

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Our body does not eat anything! Resolve fears and burdens with the number vibration code and frequencies!

  • Sterling silver bracelet including silver pearl with burned-in energy spiral and number vibration code
  • Number vibration code 48664176 and frequencies from alternative practitioner Arlbert Ruch
  • Available in sizes 17-19 cm and 19-22 cm
  • 17 - 19cm
  • 19 - 22cm
  • Silber
  • Gold



Wherever fear, panic attacks, depression or emotional overreactions may have their origin - our body has a memory for the causal sensations.

The number vibration code 48664176 brings us to the origin of our anxiety or depression in order to resolve it.

  • Fears keep you from doing what you want to do.
  • Fears make your life difficult.
  • Fears put a gray veil over everything beautiful and poison your quality of life.

We could all do, achieve, create, achieve so much. We could be so much more alive and enjoy our life so much more.

We can learn to overcome our fears, to overcome them and not to let them stop us.

The many small everyday fears:

  • The fear of failure
  • The fear of being too close
  • The fear of getting sick
  • The fear of embarrassment
  • The fear of others might find out who I really am
  • Fear with people in general
  • The fear of loneliness
  • The fear of tests and exams
  • The fear of speaking to people
  • The fear of asking for a raise
  • The fear of getting a basket
  • The fear of conflict
  • The fears and concerns of becoming self-employed

... and these are just the "normal" fears. Add to that the really serious anxiety disorders that many people suffer from. So if someone completely avoids certain situations out of fear.

Anxiety disorders, panic attacks and anxiety - the hard form of fear:

  • The fear in social situations
  • The fear of driving a car
  • The fear of big places
  • The fear of flying
  • The fear of lifts
  • and and and,…..

In fact, between 15% and 25% of all people experience phobia at some point in their lives. So a fear that really severely limits their quality of life. Sometimes our fears are so extreme that we speak of panic attacks.


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