friendship bracelet
friendship bracelet

friendship bracelet

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The healing stones aventurine and amethyst  support harmony, happiness and unity.

  • Healing stone: aventurine and amethyst (bracelet Ø6 mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Bracelet: on elastic band (length of bracelet approx. 19cm - we will be happy to change it on request)
  • Color  Aventurine: green
  • Color  Amethyst: violet
  • Weight: 10 grams (without packaging)


The two colors stand for yin and yang, for difference and unity. Both healing stones support harmony, happiness and unity.

Aventurine stood for optimism, courage, relaxation, recreation and a positive attitude towards life as early as the ancient Greeks. It promotes self-determination and an individual personality. Both qualities are of the utmost importance in a friendship.

It gives inner balance and frees you from worries, fears or psychosomatic disorders. Aventurine also relieves stress and nervousness. It stimulates dreams and gives cheerfulness. In addition, with the help of aventurine, common dreams can be lived out better.

The amethyst has special cleansing abilities on the mind. All negative thoughts and feelings are cleared by the amethyst. In this way, he supports a rapid erasure of negative thought patterns in disputes.

Concentration is strengthened and the objectivity of thinking is promoted, which means that joint decisions can be made more quickly. Perceptions as well as experiences can be better managed with the help of amethyst.

In addition, the amethyst soothes the mind and ensures deep inner peace in the long term, as negative energies are converted into positive energies.


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