Life Force Short Necklace
Life Force Short Necklace

Life Force Short Necklace

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The hematite gives vitality, freshness, courage, liveliness and endurance. This helps its wielder cope with stress and great challenges much more easily.

  • Healing stone: Hematite (Ø6mm faceted) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø6 mm)
  • Necklace: 45cm and 5cm chain
  • Color hematite: dark grey to black


In ancient Egypt it was used as a gemstone with special powers. In ancient Babylon, he helped people win a lawsuit. In the Orient it was supposed to protect against the evil eye. In the dream, the stone is said to warn of dangers that are approaching.

The hematite is used to discharge other healing stones.

  • Wrong: For this very reason, it must not be stored together with other healing stones.
  • Right: brings the stone back to its original state

To clean, place the hematite in a freezer overnight. The stone does not need to be charged.

It helps to avert misfortune or negative influences and to open up one's own power reserves. Helps to uncover psychological organ disorders.

Psychic Effect:

  • gives courage and light-heartedness
  • gives vitality and joie de vivre
  • gives spontaneity and dynamism
  • brings independence
  • creates a protective field
  • lets you live more purposefully
  • brings clarity of thought
  • protects against mental cramps
  • contributes to improving the quality of life
  • promotes vitality
  • strengthens willpower and energy
  • promotes common sense
  • banishes bad thoughts
  • relieves mental stress
  • relieves tension and cramps
  • works against inner restlessness and insomnia
  • promotes the energetic flow of the soul
  • builds up the energetic protective shield of the aura
  • steers the body's own energies in good directions
  • protects against energy guzzlers
  • protects against sensory overload

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