Success & Wealth Ring

Success & Wealth Ring

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With Feng Shui to individual wealth and success!

  • The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and fine silver plated.
  • In addition, the words "Success" and "Wealth" are engraved inside the Ring.
  • Sizes 54-74

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The middle finger stands for wealth and success

In Feng Shui, wearing a closed ring, ie. a band ring without stone and opening, recommended on the middle finger, so that the money does not "trickle through", but stopped and bundled. Women wear the ring on the right, men on the left ...

  • Inside the Wealth Ring, the words Success and Wealth are engraved and work on the principle that, according to the research of Dr. Ing. Masaru Emoto affect the vibration and in the frozen state the structure of the water. Since we humans consist of at least 70% water, the words bring success and wealth into their vibration.
  • In addition, the ring is dedicated to wealth and success on every full moon night with wealth-far-away energy, and the energy spiral icon enhances that focus. In this period of recharge, all wealth ring bearers in the morphogenetic field are connected by success and wealth.
  • A ring is always a connection, such as friendship and wedding rings to another person. These rings are worn on the ring finger. The ring of wealth creates the connection to individual success and wealth by wearing on the middle finger.
  • The success and wealth ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is additionally fine silver plated.

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