Inspiration Bracelet
Inspiration Bracelet

Inspiration Bracelet

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The rainbow fluorite combines the effects of almost all healing stones and thus helps to achieve inner harmony.

  • Healing stone: Rainbow Fluorite (bracelet Ø 10 mm + 8 mm) with silver pearls (Ø 4 mm) and stainless steel pearl with energy spiral
  • on elastic band (length of bracelet = 19cm - we can change this on request)



The rainbow fluorite is said to combine the effects of almost all healing stones and thus help to achieve inner harmony.

The rainbow fluorite promotes:

  • your own intuition
  • the creativity
  • strongly inspiring thoughts
  • the focus and clarity
  • the increased absorption capacity
  • the understanding
  • the sense of order
  • intimate love in partnership and friendships
  • self-determination and self-confidence

The rainbow fluorite also releases:

  • of learning difficulties
  • from inner fears
  • of compulsive behavior
  • of melancholy
  • from depressed thinking
  • of repressed feelings
  • of exam fears
  • of black magic and negative energy
  • from old negative thought patterns

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