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Carnelian gives joy and vitality. It gives its wearer stability, courage, drive and increases the attraction.

  • Healing stone: carnelian (Ø8mm)
  • Setting with Reiki spirals: silver 925
  • Chain length approx. 80 cm (orange fabric ribbon) 
  • Color carnelian: orange
  • Vibration Code: 91344914


  • https://img.youtube.com/vi/JFZ7CI4qAOM/0.jpg

In ancient Egypt it was regarded as the "stone of life". 

Carnelian gives zest for life and vitality. It gives its wearer steadfastness, courage, energy and increases the power of attraction. 

It not only lifts the spirits, vut also helps to face challenges or overcome problemns through solution-oriented thinking. This healing stone also supports a willingness to help the environment and promotes a sense of community and idealism. 

Carnelians stand for renewal and revitalize the body. Carnelian healing stones strengthen the immone system and stimulate blood circulation. They arm their wearer against the attacks of germs and thus protect against infections. 

Effect on the psyche:

  • Promotes idealism and positive thinking
  • Increases courage and stamina
  • For solution-oriented thinking
  • Helps with feelings of loneliness
  • Increases zest for life and drive
  • Puts you in a good mood and sparks your energy 
  • Promotes an optimistic attitude to life 
  • Increases decisiveness and steadfastness
  • Helps with problem solving 
  • Stengthens the ability to concentrate
  • Restores inner balance 
  • Increases the power of attraction
  • Improves your attitude towards your own body 
  • Promotes creativity

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