Solar Year Bag
Solar Year Bag

Solar Year Bag

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The year of self-realization

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • A5 format
  • Weight: 24 grams (without packaging)



The year of self-realization

The sun is people's natural clock. The sequence of seasons led to the development of the calendar. The sun is therefore a symbol of the rhythm of life.

The sun is the primary force of our life

  • gives life force, energy and vitality
  • strengthens our self-confidence
  • promotes our mentality
  • helps to consciously control energy
  • increases the will to exist
  • helps to self-realization
  • promotes our essence
  • gives us the strength to say “no” sometimes
  • increases joy in life
  • conveys courage and foresight
  • gives aim and endurance

Anyone who follows their path with perseverance will not simply accept a step backwards, but will make up for it with steps forward.

"In order for the possible to arise, the impossible must be attempted again and again."

Wisdom: Hermann Hesse


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