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The amazonite gives zest for life and helps with headaches.

  • Sterling silver ring set with amazonite
  • Numerical vibration code 76882 for joy of life is engraved on the inside
  • Sizes 17-21
  • Color amazonite: dark to light green, almost colorless or pale blue-green to intense turquoise, often striped
  • Please select your ring size (PDF)


  • https://img.youtube.com/vi/SvQGgs7UWqU/0.jpg
  • https://img.youtube.com/vi/g80128iV3gE/0.jpg
  • https://img.youtube.com/vi/nGsKFaJkik4/0.jpg

The amazonite was already used in the Neolithic for the production of jewelry and the Egyptians created valuable art and cult objects from it. It was also used as a gem in the pre-Columbian culture in Latin America.

The amazonite is also called amazon stone. Therefore, when the question of the origin of the name is not fully clarified, it is assumed that it was Alexander von Humboldt who gave the stone its name. Because this stone was worn in a village called Amazons that the researcher discovered. The place he discovered is said to have got its name from the fact that the women of this Indian tribe lived without their husbands.

Mental effect:

  • helps to find one's own way
  • improves self-confidence
  • supporting decisions
  • has a balancing and calming effect
  • soothes mood swings
  • gives joy of life
  • makes you more patient and tolerant
  • supports your own intuition and courage
  • improves empathy
  • has a balancing effect and takes away the inner conflict
  • solves contradictions and inconsistencies
  • helps with learning difficulties
  • freed from egoism, avarice and greed
  • helps with inner restlessness, grief and sorrow
  • sharpens the mind and intuition
  • relieves anxiety and depressive moods

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