Money wants to come to me - Ring
Money wants to come to me - Ring

Money wants to come to me - Ring

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  • The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is silver-plated.
  • The Reiki spiral is engraved on the outside.
  • Inside the ring the words "Money wants to go to me" are stamped.
  • Included with quantum resonance energy
  • Sizes 17-22
  • >>DETERMINE YOUR RING SIZE<< or order a ring gauge



To all who want to free themselves from hardship.

Because of your beliefs, let things come your way. That's all!

Thoughts are power!

Be like the flowers to the bees.

While the power of your thoughts is incredibly powerful, as long as you keep them on hold, your thoughts will attract comparatively little. The powerful attraction comes from the confident attitude and the absolute belief that things want to come your way. While an attitude of desire is strong, it is infinitesimal compared to the inner certainty of "having already got it." This new attitude of mind enables you to do things that were previously out of the question.

Get into a state of expectation and use the energy of the ring to develop the self-conviction that money really wants to come to you. Smile as you put on the ring and think that money definitely wants to come to you. This increases the effect, as your endorphins/happy hormones are released.

Henry Harrison Brown (Born 1840) turns the tables:

We should assume that the money wants us! Without humans it is useless anyway. In his treatise from 1903 it is described for the first time that the common attitude of "wanting to have" is based on a lack of thinking. This is true even for millionaires and billionaires.


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