Soul Code Short Necklace
Soul Code Short Necklace

Soul Code Short Necklace

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The violet flame opal increases belief in oneself and the will for self-realization.

  • Healing stone: Violet flame opal (chain Ø10, 8, 6 mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø10 mm)
  • Necklace: approx. 45cm plus extension chain 5cm
  • Violet flame opal color: violet with white inclusions, light violet, yellow
  • Weight: 44g (without packaging)



Morado/Purple Opal is the name given to the Mexican opal that was only discovered in 2011.

It transforms negative thoughts into positive feelings and helps to open the third eye.

It increases the belief in oneself and the will for self-realization.

Mental effect:

  • wonderful meditation stone
  • reinforces positive emotions
  • has a cleansing, clarifying and transforming effect
  • has a karma-dissolving effect
  • deepens the relationship with angels
  • helps resolve limiting patterns
  • high protection stone
  • brings awakening to higher vibrations
  • deepens and expands perception and intuition
  • amplifies EVERYTHING we send out in the form of thoughts
  • promotes the reduction of stress
  • brings calm and serenity
  • promotes creativity and inspiration
  • promotes spiritual advancement
  • acts like a fountain of youth for the soul

The magical introductory ritual

Take the Violet Flame Opal in your hands, gently caress it and pay special attention to your desire. The opal picks up your vibrations, aligns with you and begins to send its positive energy. If you feel a slight, pleasant tingling sensation and warmth floods your hands and arms, then the time has come. Now you can look forward to great successes.

If you suffer from massive insomnia, you will be very happy about this opal ritual. The opal promises good sleep and pleasant dreams. To do this, place the opal under your pillow, it watches over your dreams and steers them in the right direction so that you wake up fresh in the morning.

Violetter Flammen Opal

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