Matrix Energy Short Necklace

Matrix Energy Short Necklace

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Variscite has an invigorating effect on the substance between the cells in our body, also known as the matrix.

  • Healing stone: variscite (Ø10,8mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Necklace: length approx. 45 cm + 5 cm extension chain
  • Color variscite: green 



The matrix is ​​the germ layer in which something new develops. The matrix thus represents a gigantic biochemical marvel.

mental effect

  • has an encouraging, invigorating effect
  • relieves inner restlessness
  • has a mood-enhancing effect on depression
  • brings alertness and attention
  • promotes clear and rational thinking
  • increases harmony and mental balance
  • helps against mood swings
  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system
  • reduces the risk of depression, apathy
  • strengthens the mental state
  • helps against fears and worries
  • helps control emotions
  • helps get rid of financial problems
  • improves material life and well-being
  • protects against dark powers and curses
  • eliminates suppressed aggression and negativity

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