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Activity Energy Set (Long Necklace)
Activity Energy Set (Long Necklace)

Activity Energy Set (Long Necklace)

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The Mookait brings one's own needs in line and protects or frees from bad influences.

  • Healing stone: Mookaite (Ø 10, Ø8, Ø6 mm - smooth and faceted) + stainless steel parts + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø 11 mm)
  • Bracelet: on elastic band (length of bracelet = 19cm - we are happy to change this on request)
  • Necklace: length approx. 86cm
  • Color Mookaite: Color variations of red and yellow

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The mookaite is found exclusively in Australia and got its name from the Aborigines.

They found him by a river and named him after "mooka" (in English: running water).


  • supports in decisions
  • reconciles your own needs
  • free from bad influences
  • gives a sense of adventure
  • has great healing effects on the psyche
  • promotes energy and dynamism
  • gives mental flexibility
  • brings mental balance
  • encourages new experiences
  • brings vitality and harmonious activity
  • broadens the intellectual horizon
  • helps keep calm
  • helps to realize new ideas

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